Color is emotional. It sets the mood and creates personality.
— Brandi Amedee


To be original, sometimes you have to use color in unexpected ways.
— Brandi Amedee

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Color is a powerful tool in creating a mood. Whether it’s the purity of whites, the elegance of earth tones or the calm of blue. It’s not just a simple matter of using one color to create an atmosphere but selecting a combination of colors to produce a harmonious palette.



When choosing exterior color schemes and finishes, it is important to identify with the architectural style of the property. Sometimes you have to listen to the home and let it speak to you.



Brandi’s goal is to assist clients in achieving the look and feel they want for their home.  She loves seeing clients get excited when they establish a design plan, then watching it transform into something spectacular.



About Brandi Amedee

Brandi is a Designer servicing Metro New Orleans and the Bayou Region. She focuses on residential design. Her goal is to bring client’s visions to life, by creating a cohesive environment that functions with style and harmony.

Brandi believes color is the foundation to every great design plan. She’s certified in Color Theory and enjoys incorporating unexpected hues into projects. Some colors are viewed as an after-thought, others a pleasant surprise. Her style is a blend of timeless mixed with contemporary. She loves combining old and new by creating a counterbalance and an effortless design. Brandi also pays close attention to fine detail, while working diligently to keep within budget.

Brandi’s approach is casual and relaxed. Whether you want to paint your front door, or update your entire home, she can help you move forward with confidence.